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Specialising in therapeutic yoga for trauma, anxiety and depression, pain management and pain prevention


welcome to shanti yoga & wellbeing

You have arrived at a safe, welcoming space where you can take some time for yourself to relax and rest, heal and transform and connect with your strengths and inner light.

I will be here to support you in your journey. You will also be part, if you like, of a warm, friendly yoga community that shares the same interest in yoga as a means of improving physical and mental wellbeing and creating opportunities for growth and connection with others.



I offer small group hatha yoga classes accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and social and cultural backgrounds. Each class is tailored to best suit the needs of the individuals and of the group, with a specific attention given to any physical injuries or pain. This is a trauma informed practice.


One-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions can be an opportunity to work on anything specific that is important to you regarding your physical and mental health, with dedicated attention and time.


Yoga programs for individuals and small groups to support mental health and trauma recovery. You will be supported and guided to explore tools and modalities to manage stress, anxiety, depression and trauma associated symptoms.


Reiki healing is a natural method to facilitate physical, mental and spiritual relaxation and balance.​ I offer Reiki healing as standalone sessions or as part of a general therapeutic yoga session for physical and emotional trauma.


I teach yoga because I like to share this lifelong passion with people, but mostly because I know that yoga practice can have a profound effect on us human beings on many levels.

Yoga is about creating a state of peace and calmness inside, it is about learning to accept ourselves and others and to discover or rediscover our inner strengths and light.

I believe that yoga is one of the means that can help create a better world, where inner peace becomes the foundation for outer peace, where acceptance, compassion and kindness can grow exponentially from each individual to their community and to the rest of the world.

My intention is to promote this potential in my small grassroots way.

 - Laura Benzoni - Yoga Instructor

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